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Californian ‘Okinawa’ blue jeans, VEB Leather belt and Ecuadorian organic banana




Consumer Art…
Mister Freedom® Californian ‘Okinawa’ blue jeans, 50% sugar cane fibers – 50% cotton fibers. About two years of intermittent wear, several washes.
VEB veg-tan belt hand made by John ‘Vintage Engineer Boots‘ V.
One mystery remains, where to cop the banana…

Mister Freedom®

Enjoy flying again, with the Mister Freedom Denim Fly Bag, made in USA.












Mister Freedom® DENIM FLY BAG
The Sportsman catalog, Fall 2015
Made in USA

Seeing the World is great. Traveling, quite the purgatory.
Those who can relate to childhood days when a flying seatmate could purchase a carton of fancy cigarettes while airborne, and smoke what felt like the entire content before hitting the destination tarmac, have lived the good life. Little did we know that it would all be downhill from there.

Anyone with a history of intercontinental cattle herding endured in the past 15 years or so, who has mingle with the elite for whom the concept of a line does not apply, who has been subjected to the dreaded icebreaker “sooo, what do you do?” on the runway, who has elbowed his armrest future through a twelve-hour marathon in a child-size middle seat courtesy of code-share flights operated by Air Klusterfuk, and has experienced that blissful rested feeling on landing when rows of hooligans would sooner eat a bathtub hair ball than take their turn deboarding… has surely taken several steps away from philanthropy thanks to air travel.

Once comfortably encrusted by that coveted middle seat, access to your carry-on bag stowed in the overhead compartment is usually largely compromised by the presence of your sky companion du jour, on a mission to enrich your flight experience with body contact, uncovered sneezing and stimulating idle conversations. Good times. Horror, you left your pneumatic hammer operator-approved NRR33 earplugs in the bag above your head! Darn. Right now, you could be waving the little orange peace-keeping buggers left and right, subtly signaling your fly-un-united preferences to airline cellmates before insertion. If only you could get to them…

Badabing! Mister Freedom® to the rescue.
Introducing the long-awaited MF® FLY BAG, a remedy to the endearing experience of flying coach. We will let Frank Rizzo take it from here.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.


If you need it sold, Frank Rizzo will sell it.

If you need it sold, Frank Rizzo will sell it.


For Fall 2015, we have concocted a practical little number, field tested and Delta Platinum frequent flyer-approved. I have used and tested a prototype for some time now, eventually settling on a satisfactory pattern, mixing old and new school, low and hi tech. This bag looks like a mini US Army denim barrack bag, but much more practical as a small item storing device.
This unbelievably awesome bag, strikingly functional yet ridiculously good looking, easily transported in the carry-on of your choice, will accompany you as you nonchalantly strut to your assigned seat, where marooned cabin mates await their Wilson. Of course, you had previously carefully loaded your FLY BAG with all the torture-relieving personal effects one needs on a long flight: ear plug, a good book, writing instruments and notebook, eye drops, hand sanitizer, loaded iPod, tea tree toothpicks, inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, surgical mask (guaranteed isolation with one of these), washable slippers, baseball bat

The MF® FLY BAG shell is made of 2×1 NOS selvedge denim. The bag features a Velcro® closure side pocket made of olive green mil-specs nylon mesh, recycled from authentic New Old Stock US Army field insect bar netting. Store in the first layer of this pocket what you need to have visual access to during the flight. The other section of this pocket, an extra compartment made of P1942 “Frogskin” HBT twill fallen off of a Buzz Rickson’s deuce and a half, will store flat items such as passport/currency/travelers checks, out of sight but for easy access.

The top closure of the bag is of cinch-cord type, featuring a nylon yellow/white paracord, an actual NOS parachute part. The fancy sliding cord lock we have chosen is the patented Black Crater LLC Hyper Bright LED Cord Lock Light, designed in the USA (and, whayagonado, manufactured in China). Familiar to the outdoor enthusiast, this smart little yellow cord lock will help you search the inside of your MF® FLY BAG when cabin lights are out, during that seatmates are snoring and infants are crying moment of peace.
After surviving the ordeal, the changeable lithium battery-operated Light-Emitting-Diode also comes in handy when you take your MF® FLY BAG camping, hiking, bushwhacking, spelunking, exploring, scubadiving…

The MF® FLY BAG is designed and manufactured in the USA by Mister Freedom®.

NOTE: The MF® FLY BAG comes sans vintage Saint Christopher, sans VEB leather zip pouch, and sans Westone earphones.


An original Mister Freedom® pattern, inspired by vintage US Army barrack bags and outdoor gear.

Shell: NOS 2×1 selvedge denim, about 8 Oz.
Side pocket: Nylon Mil-specs insect bar netting, authentic US military NOS part.
Concealed side pocket: 100% cotton P1942 “Frogskin” camo HBT twill, jungle/lowland side out.

* Approx flat size: 13” tall x 11” wide  (tubular shape 7” diameter)
* Side pocket with mesh section for easy visual access
* “Frogskin” HBT fabric concealed pocket compartment, two side pen pockets.
* Denim selvedge visible on the inside of the bag.
* Nylon paracord cinch top closure.
* Yellow cord lock from Black Crater LLC featuring Hyper Bright LED Light
* Cloth name tag, with tiny 1970’s NOS US flag vintage patch.
* Sturdy olive green poly-cotton stitching.
* Single needle machine construction, flat-felled seams, no overlock on the inside.
* Made in USA.

The MF® FLY BAG comes in unwashed crispy condition. It is ready for its first inaugural flight, as-is..

When laundry is required after frequent use, empty the bag of all its content, untie the paracord and remove the yellow cord lock, turn the bag inside out and machine wash on fragile cycle. Line dry. Minimal shrinkage is to be expected.

Available raw/unwashed
One Size
Retail $149.95


The Garrison Shirt, double indigo twill and GB olive green denim twill, Saigon Cowboy Fall 2015

Garrison Shirt Mister Freedom Fall 2015

Garrison Shirt Mister Freedom Fall 2015


Garrison Shirt Mister Freedom Fall 2015

Garrison Shirt Mister Freedom Fall 2015

Garrison Shirt Mister Freedom Fall 2015



The Garrison Shirt, GB denim twill & Double indigo twill


From Saigon, the beat goes on
American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN)  Channel 54 Aircheck.


AFVN 1970 (Courtesy Bob Mays)

AFVN 1970 (Courtesy Bob Mays)


The background and our intentions with this “Saigon Cowboy” collection has been outlined in the Spring 2015 intro, and in the subsequent posts illustrating each released garment.
The Evac Jak, the ‘Tahiti’ ShirtExperimental Camo UtesTiger Board ShortsDenim Utility Jacket, the ContinentalDenim Utility Trousers, along with the Party Jacket all made for the first volume of the “Saigon Cowboy” collection.

For Fall, we will leave the 60’s Rock’n’Roll Flash vibe (a reference to an essay in Tim Page’s book NAM) and the Michael Herr’s “Dispatches” atmosphere behind, and turn instead to the Viet Nam of the first half of the 20th Century, when that part of South East Asia was known to most French nationals as Indochine, a term then encompassing Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
To the French, l’Indo meant a distant colony with ties to France stretching back to the 1850’s. A land of rich ancient culture. Guaranteed exotic adventures for the Troupes Coloniales. Challenging  for early missionaries but a great source of commodities for settlers, in the form of rubber, coal, silk, rice, opium. Opportunities of prosperity and disparity for the local population…
All in all, perfect grounds for a lengthy and gruesome war of Independence.
French colonists called it home up until 1954, the French government eventually passing the imperialistic baton to the United States, already well familiar with the place, as the US Congress had been funding 80% of the French war efforts to keep its colony. In 1975, that baton was dropped, up for grabs for China and the USSR.

Amongst Vietnamese nationals, specifically those who still prefer to call Ho Chi Minh City by its old name, Saigon, a story circulates. It goes something like this… One day, Hanoi officials requesting economic aid from Moscow received a cable back that read: “Please tighten your belts”, to which Hanoi comrades replied “Please send belts”.

On September 2nd,  the streets of Hanoi filled up with parades celebrating Ngày Quốc Khánh, National Day in Vietnam, marking the 70th anniversary of the declaration of independence from France, and Japan, in 1945.


Vietnamese Soldiers 2015 (Photo Minh Hoang EPA)

Vietnamese Soldiers parading in Hanoi on Sept 2nd 2015 (Photo Minh Hoang EPA)


It is in the Indochine of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that we have tapped for inspiration for the follow-up season of our “Saigon Cowboy” spring venture. Again, not to glamorize that past, not to take it either lightly or literally, and not to duplicate costumes for reenactors. But to acknowledge it existed, consider its place in World History, and its relevance today. And also because of the strange fascination the Vietnam War exerts, once one starts opening History’s Pandora’s box.

This season, wading through brown waters and green jungles, up arroyos of the Mekong Delta or down “La Rue Sans Joie“, with occasional high land encounters with montagnards, we will bounce between dark indigo (a reference toBlack Hmong, hill tribes of Sapa, North Vietnam) and shades of green foliage.

Hmong Indigo (Courtesy Danielle Smith) Vietnam (Courtesy Through5eyes blog) Jos Henri Ponchin Aroyo (1931) Marins dans les Arroyos Jean Mauclere (1951)

Meanwhile, back at LZ 7161, first to drop of the Saigon Cowboy Fall 2015 collection is the Garrison Shirt, a plausible candidate for a 40’s local tailor-made officer shirt, for those with a large dose of imagination.
Our shirt is somewhat of an ‘international mutt’, and combines elements of both European and American vintage clothing and custom military uniform. Its stern appearance conceals the very intricate pattern work and challenging tailoring. The button placket features the fabric selvedge, concealed for the tuck-in crowd. At the risk of sounding like a car salesman, the attentive to detail will notice the complex folding of the placket, the tricky elbow patch pattern, and all around involved construction.
We have developed two fabrics for this garment. A dark indigo on indigo twill, reminiscent of a previous mfsc fabric known as ‘midnight twill’, and an olive green denim inspired by the fabric of a 1950’s British military utility blouse. Both textiles are milled in Japan.


Vintage 1952 British Military utility blouse.

Vintage 1952 British Military utility blouse.


The Garrison Shirt is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.

 “Double indigo twill”: An indigo warp and indigo weft 100% cotton denim twill, 12.4 Oz., white selvedge ID. Milled in Japan.
B) “GB denim twill”: An olive green warp and natural weft 100% cotton twill, 12.4 Oz., orange color selvedge ID. Inspired by the fabric of 1940’s-50’s British military utility overalls and blouses. Milled in Japan.

* An original mfsc pattern, inspired by vintage military EU and US uniform shirts and tailor-made garments.
* Intricate button placket construction, exposed selvedge.
* Double chest pockets, arcuate flaps, one cut away pocket.
* Corrozo wood buttons.
* Elbow reinforcement patches.
* Selvedge side gussets.
* Flat felled seams, chainstich construction.
* 100% cotton stitching.
* Made in Japan.

Both fabric options come raw/unwashed and will shrink to approximately the same tagged size after an original cold rinse and line dry process. The Garrison Shirts are true to size, in a rather flattering uniform cut. I wear a Medium in both, my usual size for mfsc shirting.
Please refer to sizing chart for measurements reflecting a 30mn cold soak no agitation/line dry.


Launder when hygiene dictates and common sense prevails.
Machine wash. Cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry. We recommend turning indigo blue/denim garments inside out to avoid marbling when washing.
Patina will develop according to activities and frequency of wear.
WARNING: The double indigo twill will naturally bleed, and color transfer to light color garments or furniture is to be expected. Indigo transfer will wash-off overtime.

Available RAW/unwashed

A) Double Indigo Twill: $349.95
B) GB denim Twill: $329.95


The Workman shirt, NOS 2×1 denim, Sportsman Fall 2015, Made in USA.


Workman shirt Mister Freedom 2015

Workman shirt Mister Freedom 2015

Workman shirt Mister Freedom 2015

Workman shirt Mister Freedom 2015


Everyone got the memo at the denim bros convention, San Bernardino, Calif., 1955. Save for the Aloha shirt dude.





The “WORKMAN” shirt, 2×1 NOS denim.
Sportsman catalog, Fall 2015.
Made in USA.

Introducing a new option of our ‘Workman” shirt for Fall 2015. This shirt is a no-bell-no-whistle, clean-cut, vintage style uniform/work shirt. The body and general pattern stay the same as the original two models introduced this Spring, in pincheck and HBT stripe denim.
The fabric we opted for this season is a New Old Stock two by one (2×1) 100% cotton blue denim of about 8 Oz. Originally very dark in color, this lightweight denim will over time naturally develop its blues, with normal wash and wear cycles.
We went for olive green color cotton stitching to add to the intended muted character of this shirt. The stitching matches with the olive green popeline side gussets and olive green phytelephas arecaceae endosperm buttons.

The Sportsman “Workman” shirt is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.

NOTE: The beat-up MF® Trooper Boots featured are still unavailable in your size right here.


Original MFSC pattern, inspired by 1940’s-50’s classic workwear shirting.

New Old Stock two by one (2×1) 100% cotton blue denim, about 8 Oz., origin USA.

* Still no chin strap!
* Olive green phytelephas endosperm cat-eye buttons.
* White cotton popeline button placket facing.
* Traditional double chest matching pocketing.
* Olive green stitching, 100% cotton
* Olive Green popeline side gussets.
* Chainstich construction, “Sportsman” green color on the inside.
* Made in USA.

This shirt comes raw/un-rinsed and will shrink to tagged size after a rinse/dry process.
We recommend an initial cold soak, spin dry and line dry.
The “Workman” shirts are true-to-size with a quite attractive fairly trim ‘uniform’ silhouette. If you are generally a Medium in mfsc shirts, you are a Medium in the Workman.
Please refer to sizing chart for measurements.


Launder when hygiene dictates and common sense prevails.
Machine wash. Cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry. We recommend turning indigo blue/denim garments inside out to avoid marbling when washing.
The blue color will pop out over time. Patina will develop according to activities and frequency of wear.

Available RAW/unwashed.
14½ (Small)
15½ (Medium)
16½ (Large)
17½ (X-Large)
18½ (XX-Large)

RETAIL $279.95


幫我「介紹一下、推薦一下」一件牛仔褲 !!!!


近日經常收到顧客的信件、訊息、提問、、、、等等希望我們能夠「介紹一下、推薦一下」一件牛仔褲 !!!!




我們又如何能發揮所謂的“專業”來推薦?? 其實我不是算命的半仙,我無法憑空想像、瞎掰………..


最恐怖的是這幾天遇到超過3~4個顧客很堅持的要我們 “介紹一下” 牛仔褲,越詳細越好…………但他們並不願提供相關需求的訊息
要我們展現出我們的 “專業” ……….




第二個顧客的回應是:嗯嗯!謝謝 (隔了大約兩個小時訊息又傳來:你再介紹一下其他的,最好多一點)


Joe McCOY, IRON HEART , SUGAR CANE , Double Wood , UES , Mister Freedom



http://i2.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img910/5577/SwRQ8j.jpg?w=1170 http://i2.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img633/5691/ipFqKS.jpg?w=1170 http://i1.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img661/4818/onoIeY.jpg?w=1170 http://i1.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img538/7010/dEtABW.jpg?w=1170 http://i0.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img661/984/K9Y5gL.jpg?w=1170 http://i2.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img907/4638/KFAadv.jpg?w=1170 http://i1.wp.com/imageshack.com/a/img905/9135/xHfOTA.jpg?w=1170

Make the roping up !!!



所以為了不辜負Union Special 43200G的盛名













About we do hemming Denim Jeans by Union Special 43200G machine


2003年初次拿到第一台Union Special 43200G 這部專門用於修改丹寧褲長的鎖鏈車縫機器



很幸運的兩週前到了英國 IRON HEART INTERNATIONAL 總部,感謝 Giles & Paula 讓我有機會也試著操作、調整他們的機器 (Thank you Giles ! I learned a lot from you !!!)


(Thank you Giles ! I learned a lot from you !!!)
由於 IRON HEART 公司使用的機器幾乎都只用於修改他們自家品牌的超厚磅數丹寧褲









正好這兩天修改了多件21oz~25oz的 IRON HEART Denim jeans ,機器機器再度出現小狀況需要校正



























Do the Mister Freedom Black Road Champ engineer boots come in black?

Black Road Champ (1)

Black Road Champ (2)

Black Road Champ (4)

Black Road Champ (5)




Mister Freedom® Black Road Champ (BRC) engineer boot.
Made in USA


We have always looked forward to the day we would answer “Yes!” to the formidable “Do they come in black?”
Obstinacy be praised, that day has come, the champs are back, and they’re back in black.

We understand some of you on the Road Champs waiting list  have been beyond patient (I hear some put their name for a specific size two years ago!). Sincerely grateful for the support, we truly apologize for the frustration. Thankfully, there are today more options than when we first introduced our vintage-inspired RC engineer boot, sometime around 2008. Several quality contemporary brands are now offering similar flat toe profiles and BRMC Brando-style models, in a range of colors and leathers. Reviews of what’s out there today can be found on John V’s Vintage Engineer Boots blog, along with valuable info, knowledge, facts and myths around this specific style of work boots. Don’t forget to check John’s leather crafting skills on his VEB store.

Manufacturing the Road Champs in the USA has always been a real challenge for us, a very long chain of events that involves many ‘special’ people, each one a crucial link. At the end of the manufacturing journey, QC (Quality Control) is unforgiving and can send an entire project of high-end footwear to square one. We don’t claim to do it best, we’re just trying to do it right.

As mentioned, we are a bit behind with our Mister Freedom® footwear output… Because of color inconsistency in our stock of RC uncut vegetable tanned hides custom ordered from Horween for the past eight years, one of the many reasons production is backed-up, we decided to have a batch of mismatching originally brown hides professionally hand-dyed to a beautiful and rich shade of black. After this treatment, the black-dyed cowhides went through the painstaking boot-making process.
We just received the first small batch of these special edition Black Road Champs, and I have to admit I was quite disappointed… not to see my size!

The BRC look mighty sweet in person, if I may say. The underlying brown tones will resurface with normal wear, creating an attractive natural patina over time. You too will then develop an urge to take photos of your feet several times a day, and share the awesomeresults with your social crutch of choice, such as a fascinating Instagram account.

For the BRC, we are also updating the sole construction by featuring vintage New Old Stock rubber soles and heels. We were fortunate to find some limited stock of Nitrene, which I find a bit longer-lasting on asphalt than Cat’s Paws. These old Nitrene boast a “Non Marking – Oil Resistant – Long Wearing” quality, definitely less slippery than the leather soles of the original RC.
The last, pattern, MF® signature green top and sizing of the BRC remain the same than on the original RC.

The production of the RC has always been trickling slowly, and it’s likely not to change as we continue to be regarding and selective with what bears our name. Keeping the same high standards with the production of the Black Road Champ, the new Mister Freedom® engineer boots will continue to be made in very small batches, and size availability very limited. This is not a marketing strategy on our part, nor a way to aggravate anyone, just the result of quality footwear manufacturing rarefying in the USA, in this golden age of disposable wares, cheap imports and consumerism.

This first batch of BRC will be dispatched according to the current waiting list, for those interested in a black version of our Road Champ boot. It is possible that more original brown Road Champs be available in the future, but we do not have a timeline for that.

Thank you truly for the continued support,


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